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Serving the Greater Kansas City area

UPLIFT someone you know

Flowers can UPLIFT people


Arrangements from small to large in size

Prices range from $45 to $75

Free Delivery

I can take payments via credit card, check, or my preferred method, Venmo.

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.

Luther Burbank    Luther Burbank was an American botanist, horticulturist and pioneer in agricultural science. 

The flowers that Lorna provided were beautiful.  My mother was so happy with her Mother's Day gift.  

- Sam Tyler

My wife enjoyed the flower arrangement that I got her so much that I get her flowers from Lorna every month.

- Olivia Green

Lorna's flowers surprised me during a hard time in my life.  Their beauty really picked up my spirits.

- Will Jackson

The Power


Let's UPLIFT your special wedding day!

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