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Meet Lorna

Balm Creator

Serene Balm is 100% natural, deeply soothing blends of oils designed to relax sore muscles.  Serene Balm helps calm agitated legs to assist you with falling into a comfortable sleep.   

I developed Serene Balm in 2014 to help me resolve a personal challenge with agitated legs.  It worked so well for me that I had other people sample it.  The feedback I received was positive.  So, I started to make it available to people like me.  

My products are handmade in small batches.  The products are shipped via USPS that I personally drop off.  As a small business, I pride myself on taking care of my customers.


Floral Arranger

My mother used to arrange flowers.  She did all the flowers for my wedding.  She had a rare talent.  

After my mother passed away, I started to arrange flowers.  It made me feel close to her.  It uplifted my spirits.

The flowers I arranged were given to friends to uplift them in times of need, celebrate their successes, and put a smile on their faces. 

Eventually, I started to receive requests for arrangements and decided to help others provide uplifts to those they care about.  

Let me know if I can provide you an arrangement for someone you care about. 

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